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May 20, 2022

Addressing Food Insecurity in Virginia City

Virginia City Food Pantry

For such a small church, the First Presbyterian Church of Virginia City is making a significant difference in the fight against food insecurity.  The incident of food insecurity has been a huge issue and is estimated to affect greater than 1 out of 8 persons living in Nevada.  As we began to partner more aggressively with the Food Pantry of the Community Chest of Virginia City, more than 50 families had been identified as being in need.  Our efforts have taken that Food Pantry from having a stock of 24 cans of cranberry sauce to having a fully stocked pantry and freezer. 

Virginia City Food Bank Freezer
Virginia City Food Bank Freezer

Fresh Food Truck Delivery

Starting late in 2019, the efforts expanded to also include support of food distribution from a monthly Food Truck delivery of fresh food.  We volunteer to load up boxes, bags, and grocery carts for our many families in need…this month we provided for 40 families and have had counts of 50 families plus.  

Karma Boxes

As in most areas of our great country, food insecurities are expected to worsen.  The estimates currently, although not official, indicate 1 out of 6 children in Nevada suffering from food shortages.  The Karma Boxes, a concept born from a ‘rehab- group’ in Reno- website included, was adopted and boxes were placed outside the Virginia City Community Chest front door allowing 24/7 access to food.  This food source is accessed by anyone at any time and because of the website informant, many persons have taken advantage.  The one population we are pleased to serve are the children who help themselves particularly on weekends enjoying their meals as they play next door at the local park.

All of this has been heart-warming to those of us who have had the occasion to participate. 

Karma Boxes

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